As a pole can change their polarity

It is of utmost necessity that some pole electric motor changes its polarity, so you can ensure the rotation of the rotor, we will mention some steps that move below:

A simple motor consists of coil turns, and it rotates between two permanent magnets, and can do the following way before turning.

1- The magnetic poles of the motor coil, which are made of magnets end up being attracted to the opposite poles of the fixed magnet;

2- The coil ends spinning turn to bring these magnetic poles, the closer one another;

3- This magnetic poles to reach that position has its sense of inverted current;

4- When this current system is reversed, now note that the poles face or repel each other, doing this they continue to drive the motor. lp cc 5

The constitution outlined this simple type of engine, is the where the stator consists of permanent magnets and the rotor is a coated coil of enameled copper wire and through which circulates an electric current.

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The rotor of an electric motor rotates with angular velocity

The rotor of an electric motor can rotate angulation with a speed that is proportional to the voltage applied to its coils, these coils have a small electrical resistance and so this voltage is crossed by intense electrical currents from the rotor remains at rest.

However, as this rotor is in motion, changes the magnetic flux of the coils generate a force against electromotive, it is the extraction of energy that stream and the low voltages of such coils, and there your net torque will be canceled when the back EMF voltage will be equal to its angular velocity becomes constant.

In summary if you load the engine and have its axis linking to something that must be moved, its rotation does not vary much but more power will be required from the power supply, then it will increase the power current intensity to change much the angular velocity must change the angle to which the current comes back normal.

Housing an electric motor

All original engine needs an identification with various necessary information, one is about housing, you need to know about the housing of the electric motor, will be addressed below. find more here

The motor housing undergoes a common variation, which are identified by a number and depending on the number determines which features the power and engine size, this number can vary 63-355, and when you notice any changes above that, then we can say it is a special application of a large electric motor. If this number is below these values ​​it is a motor for domestic purposes, this means it is a small electric motor.

In short this number means the distance between the center of the electric motor get 6205 2zje and the ground, the letter that is attached to that number described lm – large medium that translating means long, medium, determines the engine length. It needs to be highly evaluated the motor housing conditions, because if it is in good condition the length of time is much higher.